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Under The Tuscan Sun

Never watch a movie made from a story book if you have already read the book. This adage is none as relevant as it is for the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". We went to see this movie with the fond hope of:

·         Seeing the undulating vistas of Tuscany, and some of the familiar sights in Florence

·         Seeing and hearing the typical sights and sounds of Italy, especially our favourite European accent - Italian

·         Seeing some real examples of Italian cooking (For those not in the know, the book by the same name written by Frances Mayes, has all the above, and is a really enchanting travelogue of Tuscany, and her experiences with buying a villa there.

What we got instead was a chick-lit, sentimental, lovey-dovey, moony eyed movie. Poetic license was liberally applied: we wonder how the author could have allowed that to happen. The whole movie revolves around the love life (or the lack of it) of this lady whose husband left her, so she goes to find herself in the heart of Italy. Even the episodes of her buying a house, and getting to know Italy revolves around her attempts to find a guy: i.e. all roads lead to Rom (ance)!!! Sights of Italy are restricted to a 2 second shot of the Duomo. Most of the (more sensible) conversations she has are with her Polish workmen, so the little Italian we could have expected to see receded even more into the background. And her cooking? Well, that took a whole of 5 minutes of movie time!

Well worth missing both on the large screen and DVD/VCD.




UA Pacific Place, Queensway, Hong Kong



November 29, 2003.




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