The VIXABS home on the web


Welcome to our home on the web. We intend to keep this website in a permanent state of continuous improvement. So, be prepared for glitches and bugs. Having said that, there shouldn’t be too many of those, and we hope you wouldn’t mind them should they catch your eye.


Who we are

We are an ordinary bunch, really. Nothing special. We have the usual ordinary set of hobbies and pastimes, and the even more usual and ordinary set of jobs that allow us to sustain those hobbies and pastimes. We met in college, a long long time ago, and felt that we had quite a few things in common and it would be worth trying to get a life together. So here we are then, today, setting up home for the umpteenth time! The big difference, of course, is that while the homes that we’ve set up in the past have been brick-and-mortar, it’s all about clicks and virtual spaces in cyberspace this time.


So, what’s behind the name

Those who know us wouldn’t need to ask that question. Lets just leave it at that.


That’s not too helpful then, is it?

You’re probably right there. But do feel welcome in our home… take the links to its various rooms. We hope you'll like what you see. You may want to go to the Wanderlust room, from where you can branch out to our travel web pages. Or have a bite in our kitchen – over time, we’d like to develop that into a full-course Foodfest, but you’ll just need to be patient with us for now. We also plan to have a music room – please stay tuned to the Notes emanating from there. And if you’re one of the clan, do take the link to your Roots… and try to see for yourself how many of your ancestors or cousins you know and have met.

These are a few of our favourite clicks

IIML takes you to our alma mater, and we wouldn’t ever want to be more than a click away from there. And then there’s Google, the gooroo of search engines. While the Fodor’s Forum is the place to look for your travel-related queries, is no longer just a bookshop – it keeps expanding its range every day. However, if you were in Hong Kong, and were specifically interested in books, take a trip to Paddyfield. And just in case you were wondering, we don’t get paid for endorsing these websites!





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